Legal Services

GE Law Sevices has expertise in the areas of alternative dispute resolution, business and corporate law, criminal law, estate administration and litigation, family law, property and conveyancing, property and commercial divisions, and workplace relations and employment law.

More information about the services we offer is found below.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is it?

ADR refers to any alternative to a formal Court or Tribunal hearing where people are encouraged to try to resolve their legal differences.

Some better known examples of ADR include:

  • Pre-hearing conferences in the Magistrates Court
  • Mediations in all of the Courts
  • Case Conferences at the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal or Family Court
  • Conciliation Conferences at Fair Work Australia

Most ADR are held “off the record” or “without prejudice”, which means that the persons involved cannot repeat in Court at a later time anything that was discussed during an ADR session. This helps people to settle, if they can.

What can GE Law Services do for you?

Our team can give you more information about ADR. We can advise you about the best ADR option for your case, whether or not you have already become embroiled in litigation. ADR often works best before litigation.

We can help you to prepare your evidence and arguments.

We can represent you at Court or Tribunal or venue.

For more information, please contact Pippa Sampson or Adriane Whiticker.

Business and Corporate Law

Our team aims to provide practical but thoughtful advice, to corporate and businesses, you can rely on to be available when you need it.

We aim to develop a close working relationship with our corporate and business clients to offer a comprehensive service in all aspects of business.  Our role is to listen and develop an understanding of your needs.

In today’s environment, the pace of change in business is reflected in the needs of our clients. We have the access to services and a common understanding of business and how our clients operate.


Major services in Business and Corporate Law

  • Buying and selling businesses;
  • Business structuring, restructuring and capitalisation;
  • Shareholder relations;
  • Trusts and joint ventures;
  • Partnerships;
  • Franchising;
  • Leases – retail and commercial;
  • Licensing;
  • Intellectual property;
  • Internet services, E-commerce;
  • Contract and business agreements;
  • Trade practices;
  • Terms and conditions of trade, sale and delivery  of goods;
  • Distribution Agreements;
  • Personal Property Securities Register; and
  • ASIC Corporation Laws.

For more information, please contact Pippa Sampson.

Criminal Law

Are you facing criminal charges?

Have the Police charged you?

Our team represents clients in all Courts in a broad range of cases.

No matter what the charges are, we understand that it is important for you to get the best possible advice before the Court date, because any Police prosecution can adversely affect your future.

Our lawyers regularly appear in Court.


Cases in which we have appeared include:

  • Assault
  • Affray & carrying unlawful weapons
  • “Glassing” cases
  • White collar crime
  • Traffic offences (including drink-drive, speeding, & driving whilst suspended)
  • Damage to property and injury to animals
  • Threats to kill and related offences (e.g. causing serious injury)
  • Drug & trafficking offences
  • Breach of Intervention or Restraining Orders
  • Driving whilst suspended

For a no-obligation consultation please contact Pippa Sampson or Adriane Whiticker.


Estate Administration and Litigation

Administering an Estate can be a stressful experience, particularly during a time of grief. We aim to take the stress out of the process.

We can help you:

  • Locate and value assets and liabilities;
  • Deal with financial institutions, including Centrelink;
  • Prepare the necessary paperwork for a Grant of Probate;
  • Arrange for the transfer or sale of assets, including conveyancing for the sale of real estate;
  • Arrange for preparation of tax returns for the Estate;
  • Assist you with winding up trusts and companies;
  • Advice about the distribution of superannuation assets;
  • Preparing Estate accounts for distribution to beneficiaries;
  • Beneficiary interests and infant interests.

Our Principal, Pippa Sampson, also acts as an Executor in complex Estates, and has extensive experience in the area of Estate Administration.

Litigation in this area is often personal at a very emotional time.  Our team are involved in helping many clients challenging a Will on the grounds of:

  • Testamentary incapacity of the Will-maker;
  • Interpretation of a Will;
  • Where no provision or inadequate provision has been made for a beneficiary;
  • Where a person has been excluded from a Will.

For more information please contact Pippa Sampson or Adriane Whiticker.

Family Law

At GE Law Services our lawyers and staff recognise that going through a separation and negotiating the complex legal situations which can arise as a result, can be one of the most personally difficult and challenging times in one’s life.

Whether our clients require  assistance with a divorce, or a complicated financial settlement, we aim to assist them resolve outstanding disputes and achieve outcomes individually tailored to meet their specific needs.

All too often a separation results in a legal problem which involves, not only family law issues, but allied legal problems where disputes arise in companies and partnerships as a result of the separation, or trust or deceased estate issues arise.  We assist our clients through the complicated intersections of such disputes.

For more information, please contact Angela McPhee or Adriane Whiticker.

Property and Conveyancing

Our property team offers a comprehensive service in both private and commercial property transactions.

We recognise that property transactions require quick, efficient and smooth service, careful negotiation and precise preparation of paperwork and clear communication with you, the client.

Our property group offers a broad range of experience in leasing, both retail and commercial, as well as compliance with the complex array of taxes, GST and stamp duties affecting all transactions in this area.

Major services in Property and Conveyancing

  • Acquisition and disposition of commercial land, factories and retail premises;
  • Building and Construction Law;
  • “Off the Plan” and high rise building Contracts;
  • Retirement Villages;
  • Subdivision of land and consolidations;
  • Retail property leasing;
  • Commercial property leasing;
  • Stamp duty, GST and property tax;
  • Residential Conveyancing;
  • Domestic partnership property transfers;
  • Local Government Roads Law;
  • Adverse possession;
  • Planning Agreements under Section 173.

For more information please contact Gabriella Habib  or Adriane Whiticker.

Property and Commercial Divisions

GE Law Services has expertise in all areas of property law. We assist individuals and  families with selling and buying homes. We also advise landlords, tenants, real estate agents, developers, private and corporate entities in relation to complex commercial and industrial property matters and advice on self-managed super funds and trusts.

With over 30 years of experience in property and commercial transactions, our team provides comprehensive and constructive advice on property, commercial and litigation matters. Our staff work closely with our clients to achieve the desired outcomes and provide comprehensive and commercial advice to clients in a timely manner.

Our team (consisting of experienced practitioners, clerks and assistants) has an intimate knowledge of the local area and servicing the local community. We are in touch with the needs and concerns of our clients, and provide excellent service and positive outcomes where possible.

For more information please contact Pippa Sampson.

Workplace Relations and Employment Law

Our team can offer a complete range of legal services to individuals and businesses of all sizes.

We can provide solutions to the ever increasing number of modern workplace & employment issues, in all industries including manufacturing, retail and small business.

We provide a complete range of legal advice and advocacy services:

  • Appearances at Fair Work Australia
  • Helping you deal with the Fair Work Ombudsman
  • Employment contracts
  • Subcontractor agreements
  • Casual and labour hire arrangements
  • Award compliance
  • Unfair Dismissal and adverse action claims
  • Discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment claims
  • Advice about the use and control of social media in the workplace
  • Restructuring, downsizing and redundancies

Our lawyers have broad experience in helping local businesses & individuals. We combine local knowledge with an understanding of the modern workplace.

We offer competitive rates.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact Pippa Sampson.

 Our clients expect and we deliver:

  • Ready access to their lawyer;
  • Concise, practical and realistic legal advice;
  • Active support in times of stress;
  • Accurate and reliable cost estimates;
  • Regular reporting;
  • Excellent network of referral services to Valuers, Accountants, Investment Advisors, Bankers associated with the firm;
  • Up-to-date information technology to provide easy and efficient access to the firm’s lawyers; and
  • Information as to progress of their matter and changes to the law generally.