Alternative Dispute Resolution

What is it?

ADR refers to any alternative to a formal Court or Tribunal hearing where people are encouraged to try to resolve their legal differences.

Some better known examples of ADR include:

  • Pre-hearing conferences in the Magistrates Court
  • Mediations in all of the Courts
  • Case Conferences at the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal or Family Court
  • Conciliation Conferences at Fair Work Australia

Most ADR are held “off the record” or “without prejudice”, which means that the persons involved cannot repeat in Court at a later time anything that was discussed during an ADR session. This helps people to settle, if they can.

What can GE Law Services do for you?

Our team can give you more information about ADR. We can advise you about the best ADR option for your case, whether or not you have already become embroiled in litigation. ADR often works best before litigation.

We can help you to prepare your evidence and arguments.

We can represent you at Court or Tribunal or venue.

For more information, please contact Pippa Sampson or Adriane Whiticker.